Thursday, 3 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013


Phew! I cannot believe how badly I have neglected my dear blog. However I think 2012 despite being a total disaster on the blog front, was to say the least a successful one! I landed myself my first design job back in march, along with getting to visit my dear friend robyn in NYC. The professional design job took a huge weight off my shoulders and I guess I spent the next 9 months trying to remember how to function in the world, without the worry of no "real" job and wtf am I going to do now I've graduated. But with 2013 already here I've decided to get back to blogging and get my priorities in line once more! I am hopeful the new year will bring lots of new creative projects, along with lots of travels and adventures too. I am determined to treat myself once a month so I'm not quite as frazzled by the end of 2013, as I was at the end of 2012. I have also decided I WILL learn to knit and teach myself to cook really great food, before this year is out. So anyway I will leave you all now with a nice image or two. Do pop over to my pinterest acc (i have a serious addiction, in fact that too maybe a reason to why the blog got left on the back burner, whoops!) to see what inspires me daily My Pinterest Joy!

A New Year Jelly Fishy... yes there is such a thing!

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