Tuesday, 22 January 2013


So I stumbled upon this wonderful Danish shop called Ferm-Living through a Scandinavian blog I read aptly named Nordic Design . I fell instantly in love with their soft pastel colour palettes, simple retro patterns, and of course their Danish style. I am also a big fan of organisation (lame I know but it makes me happy) so anything that allows me to create order within chic fixtures, is a winner with me. The woman I have to thank for this beautiful company is a lady called Trine Anderson, who founded Ferm-Living in 2005, with her first wallpaper collection being launched in Feb 2006. I love that despite the company's huge success it is still based today in Denmark.  I would desperately love to fill my entire home with everything from their catalogue but for now pictures will have to keep me happy! I highly recommend a pursue one lunch hour of their catalogue too.

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