Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Resolution part 2

So I can't decided how I want to use this blog. 

I haven't really had much time/energy to do many new illustrations (personal work: i.e children's book characters or thoughtful doodles) since I started "le grown up job" in March last year. I have become obsessed since starting "le grown up job" with Pinterest and so see little point in blogging or creating (dare I say it) a tumbler account to display everyday imagery that inspires me - literally everyday I update Pinterest. So I find myself at a cross roads. I don't want to get rid of my dear blog since I have far more chance of updating this baby than my website. I am a self diagnosed techno-phob. However I am able to use macs/creative suites etc i just haven't quite got round to mastering the art of coding. So its down to my lovely computer whizz friend Alex to do my biding when it comes to updates for my website. It literally took me a month of attempts to master a wacom tablet. This quickly brings me to the point of this post, I've part decided in keeping with my new years resolution (to blog more) to post at least once a week (hopefully on a Monday) about creatives and people who inspire me. This could mean Illustrators, Artists, Restauranteers, Bloggers and beyond! Wish me luck!

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