Monday, 28 June 2010

The last 7 days!

So last week was manic. I went to London for the Penguin book awards. Didn't end up placing but did discover that I was amongst 10 people shortlisted for Puffin book design out of 773 people! So I did ok!!! I met a lot of lovely people there, and even spoke to some people who work for Penguin. I also met up with my friend Robyn in London too, where I saw some amazing artists in the portrait gallery and the tate modern. I love being in London and just being able to visit an art gallery whenever you want, there is just so much more to do and see there! Can't wait for New Designers next week, when I can live it up in London for a whole week! Anyway here are the artists I found most interesting!

Philip de László - made me want to paint again

Alex Katz - very interesting display of his portraits, and lovely style

In the Tate just neglected to write down the artist's name

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Post-degree show

This last week has been a struggle. I had to resubmitt my penguin book entry, pack up my studio (which is still only half done, three years is a long to time to collect), prepare work for new designers (in july) and started my waitressing job. I've found it really hard to remotivate myself. But hopefully something good will come from penguin books, or maybe I will make some nice contacts at the ceremony. Will just have to wait and see. Oh and Willie Nelson is staying at the hotel I'm working at, wonder if he will be nice since he is so famous!