Sunday, 13 December 2009

Christmas deadlines DONE!!!

I cannot believe how stressful the last month or so has been. But it is finally over so I can hopefully enjoy the christmas break without too much work stress. So I've got my dissertation done. Thank god!!! It was an up hill struggle but never the less it is out of my life. Whether the grade will be great, I will not know until flipping MAY! Damn graders! Get my grade for this semester on tuesday. I'd rather not know. But I have to, to know how much more work I have to get through next sem. I know certain folk will get the "good" grades. But I must keep on, keeping on! Oh and our illustration fund raiser went really well! Made nearly £500, with not great promotion, which isn't too bad! And even better I sold some of my work. AMAZING! Right here is a nice wee christmas bear that I sketched out ages ago, and turned into my christmas cards!