Friday, 30 October 2009

Halloween tomorrow!

I am so excited for halloween tomorrow. Have been roped into dressing up as a dinosaur with my flatmates. But I think after much paper mache, the costumes look great. They will restrict movement and general activities but will be fun!!! On the work front I've not done much this week. I'm freaking out but done nothing! Hopefully will get my act together next week because I need to! The dissertation is alright, got a good word count and ordered it. Sadly still the conclusion to write. Hopefully post some sketches soon, as I'm loving my highland cow and squint bear in my sketchbook at the mo!


Monday, 19 October 2009


I have done no work today. Well that's not exactly true I have doodled in my sketchbook, really enjoy drawing highland coos right now, no idea why! I also went into uni, only to discover that no one really took this class meeting thing seriously, as about half the class was not there. I hate the responsibility of being class rep and feeling like a parent chasing people! I am excited though that it's reading week, an excuse to lie in and well do some bloody dissertation work which I have let slip ever since Mick told me how well I was getting along with it! Haha! Oh dear!

All the talk today in class about the reality of working as an illustrator has depressed me but it is something I feel so strongly about trying for a while at least, that I have to. I can't not. Art has become too much of my life to not do it. Is that sad? Maybe a little!!! Ach well! Will leave you with another image with thoughtful words xxx

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Beginnings of something I hope!

I am so stressed with all this fourth year work, so instead of working away at my dissertation (which is going well but not near finished yet) and projects which I am struggling to get my head around, I am writing a blog post. Although I don't have any new work to post... well I do but I haven't scanned it yet! Really must get organised! It's funny that despite the fourth year stress I think I will really enjoy this year, it will be hell but hopefully the end results will be worth it and proof of all the hard work. I do not want my degree show or my classes to be something people pass by... uninterested because we didn't work hard enough to get it right. I like Mick's way of teaching, although my project is all over the place right now. Can't believe I'm already in fourth year, it all seems so final and scary.. Oh and went to see Paolo Nutini last night who was amazing and beautiful as always. I once saw an interview where he said he hoped that the ancient belief of everytime your photograph is taken a little bit of your soul goes with it... judging by last night he's kinda fucked if it is true! I was less excited by the guest appearance of the lead singer of the local band the view, but the half naked teeny boppers love him - who wears going out dresses and heels... to a gig! Wouldn't have happened in my day!! haha! Right so anyway here's a few pics which I find inspiring!

Egon Schiele
Catherine Raynor - just beautiful illustrations

Amy Earle - lovely cutouts

Henry Horenstein - the man who made me understand photography... well a lot more than I did before taking his class!!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Week 4 of 4th year

It's all very hectic at art school, great catching up with everyone but stressful none the less. The work load is immense and the pressure of a degree show is well... unreal! Dissertation is in progress, not finished by a long way because I'm a perfectionist! Thought I'd post a few images of my sketchbook work, of a girl playing with bubbles! Maybe I'll get into the bloghabit yet! xxx