Monday, 19 October 2009


I have done no work today. Well that's not exactly true I have doodled in my sketchbook, really enjoy drawing highland coos right now, no idea why! I also went into uni, only to discover that no one really took this class meeting thing seriously, as about half the class was not there. I hate the responsibility of being class rep and feeling like a parent chasing people! I am excited though that it's reading week, an excuse to lie in and well do some bloody dissertation work which I have let slip ever since Mick told me how well I was getting along with it! Haha! Oh dear!

All the talk today in class about the reality of working as an illustrator has depressed me but it is something I feel so strongly about trying for a while at least, that I have to. I can't not. Art has become too much of my life to not do it. Is that sad? Maybe a little!!! Ach well! Will leave you with another image with thoughtful words xxx

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