Saturday, 23 October 2010

Exhibition this week... part 2

So stv turned up as well as the local dundee paper. It was all a bit uneventful though. I spoke to the journalists but they didn't actually photograph my work which was a little heart breaking. I was asked if I wanted to do an interview for live tv, which i declined. I just couldn't have spoken on camera... it would've been soo awkward! Also my books were about ocd not hand washing. Ach well.

Thursday I went to see a hip hop dance show called Blaze. It was amazing! They opened with a line of 12 retro neon coloured trainers. They were in a row and all spotlighted, which the dancers wore throughout the show. It was all very michael jackson inspired. Sadly I only had phone with me, and the poor camera couldn't cope with the distance from the stage and darkness. So I don't have any decent photos to show of these trainers. I loved the show! Though it made me miss my dance classes more than ever. I just need to find some sort of replacement.

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