Friday, 8 October 2010

A day of art.

Yesterday was spent being fairly creative for once, or rather a day of getting inspired again. I went round edinburgh's modern art gallery and loved their giant surrealist exhibition. Apparently when they started buying collections of work, surrealists were the only ones they could afford. But no one else was really bothering. Needless to say their collection is quite impressive. i really couldn't believe how many pieces i recognised. I didn't love all of it but it was just great to go to exhibition. Overheard someone giving a talk about the surrealists whilst I was there, and all she said was they shadow of a hanging sculpture was really interesting. Needless to say I could have done her job, or many other randoms from the street. It may have been simply a high school group but seriously!

Anyway I saw my favourite collage artist kurt schwitters, some lovely paintings and photography from Man Ray as well as the muse (of the surrealists) and photographer in her own right Lee Miller, and Marcel Duchamp (the man who paved the way for artist's like tracey emin etc).

I then went to a talk by the graphic design company bibliothèque. I kinda loved the talk because it gave me a kick up the arse to decide being a freelance illustrator is what i want to do. i just need to figure out how to do it. I thought some of their work was amazing, but hated all the brown nosing. But that is the bizz i suppose and the reason i have no illustrative work at the moment.

Will post some sketchbook work soon.

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