Friday, 12 February 2010

My space

Thought I'd post a few pictures of my desk or let you look at my art influences at the moment. I think all the images on my desk are inspirational in some way. They also mean I don't have to stare at blank boards as well as sketchbook pages! I know I probably should've tidied up my desk before taking the photos (just taken on my phone, so not great quality, despite my phone claiming to boast 8 megapixels) but I guess it shows how I'm working at the moment. I made some sort of progress this week by taking an image (sadly taken from google) and playing around with it on photoshop. I've experimented with numbering the surgical way of washing hands to show repetition of the daily routine and OCD. I am just worried that with all this fundraiser pr-ing that my uni work is disappearing rapidly. Last semester was more productive AND I had a dissertation to write. Balls. Anyway here's some of the flutter books I made... must persist with working not procrastinating!


AINSERS said...

Like yer wee books pal!

bob. said...

i like that photo, i like it a lot.